Artist Statement

  I use the highest quality materials, stoneware clay and raw materials from the earth, to handcraft functional pottery.  Each piece is crafted on the potter’s wheel during small batch production ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship is attained.  Functionality of my work is my primary concern along with the beauty of form and finish.

  Pottery is an essential daily necessity that can bring joy when used.  If a piece functions as it should you are left holding, touching, something beautiful.  That is the purpose of a pot:  to be appreciated for its artistic integrity after it has served its purpose.

  I have left the mark of my hand on each pot that I create as a subtle reminder that through me that pot was born.  The spirit of the clay captivates my intention of the best possible outcome in the moment, of what is to be, and to the ideals that speak to me of the truth of beauty.

About me

First, I am a wife and mother. Also, I am a potter. I have been creating pottery since 2004. From what started as a passion in high school led me to work several jobs in the industry including teaching and large scale production. Now, I travel and sell my works at art and crafts shows and have work in galleries, boutique shops, and wholesale to retail stores.

When I’m not creating I enjoy cooking, flower and vegetable gardening, hiking our Ozark Mountains, floating the Buffalo National River, reading, and playing board games with my family,(Catan is our current favorite). My wonderful husband is an accomplished tattoo artist, and our young daughter is a budding artist as well.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to continuing to supply anyone in need of a good pot!

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